Business Advisory

To grow or expand your business, you need more resources, knowledge and people.  Rakan can provide business advisory to meet your need.

  • Branding 

Branding is now an integral part of a global business culture. In this information age, consumers are more health conscious, educated and have a wealth of choices when choosing a suitable supplier. To consumers, image, consistency, continuity and reliability are values that they look out for. We are aware of these requirements and we look forward to assisting our clients in achieving their branding goals, not only locally but globally. 

  • Business management set-up/restructure/planning:

A rotten apple spoils the whole cart and a cog in the engine may result in accidents. Employment problems and faulty business procedures may just be the rotten apples or the cog. We are mindful that business management and restructuring in wisdom, is an important factor that avoid unwanted mishaps and will grow our client's company to another level. Our professionals will walk through these growing process with our clients.

  • Accounting & Tax Advisory:

Every year, businesses create, buy and sell assets. It is prudent to know how much wealth a business has generated and what is the 20% of input that is generating 80% of the firm's revenue. Our accounting and tax experts will help clients keep an eye on profits, liabilities and taxes whilst clients concentrate on the more important things - such as creating more profits and assets, not only locally but globally.

  • International Marketing 

Our client’s  business expansion is important to us. We assist our clients to grow locally and to expand globally with our many foreign marketing partners. Capturing local markets, providing local research and providing global structure is integral international marketing. We realise that the focus is not only in regard to profits. Equal emphasis must be placed upon stability, preparation and reaction towards global market sentiments and continuity.

  • Grants & Loans

Closely associated with government agencies and banks, we provide detailed information of a wide spectrum of grants, loans and finance facilities available from government and finance institutions. We also assist SMIs to prepare and compile documents and applications.