Our Values and Beliefs :
Everyone has unique talents, specialties, experiences and background. We believe that there is power through partnership, as there is a synergy amongst our partners to promote growth, maturity and to add values in all areas for our clients. This is indeed our passion - to grow, mature and to add value to people or organizations so as to enable them to enjoy the fruits of the power of partnership.
We strongly believe that growth, maturity and adding values is a process. The Rakan Serumpun team has the passion and is committed to work and to go through the necessary processes with our clients for them to grow locally and expand globally. The process we are experiencing is the REAL way to grow!
Established since 1995, Rakan Serumpun positioned itself as a professional services firm with a global vision providing a variety of business consultancy services and corporate education and training.  We associate with John C. Maxwell Team as a independent certified coach, teacher and speaker.
Working with a team of enthusiastic professionals, we offer a complete business perspective and implement competencies to our valued clients to gain competitive edge in their respective industry. We grow locally and expand globally together with our clients.
Rakan Serumpun is a registered company under the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and is proud to be listed as a registered consultant by Small & Medium Industry Development Corporation (SMIDEC), with the objective of assisting and enhancing business performance of SMIs.

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Sonya Liew
Iris Tan
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